Fluid Geographies

by Reena Kallat

As Lunuganga turns 75, the same as independent Sri Lanka, we find an environment that has formed as a response to ever-changing periods of prosperity and unrest, which are intertwined with the history of the country. Lunuganga is a garden that weaves itself into the post-colonial narrative of Sri Lanka, formed as a unique balance of natural and man-made intervention. By using the garden as a lens to consider multiplicities in the form of knowing, the garden provides a backdrop for celebrated Indian artist Reena Kallat to delve into her interests on social and political borders. Kallat’s personal experience of the Partition in India weighs heavily on her work, propelling her to explore the effects of political borders on human life and nature. Kallat investigates topics such as borders, citizenship, and archives, through the exploration of natural landforms to create a heavy emphasis on natural and man-made borders, while pondering on themes such as inequality, privilege, and policy.

Reena Kallat presents her work in the living room of the main house, a colonial bungalow reworked by Geoffrey Bawa and on Cinnamon Hill, the sprawling Southern garden of the estate, which is named in memory of the first plantation that existed on the garden.

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Fluid Geographies, 
Granite stones and steel mesh
7000 x 2000 cm I 2760 x 780 in.

Indoor works in the main house at Lunuganga

Shifting Ecotones II 2023 Wire, graphite, pigmented ink print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper
163 x 50 cm. | 64 x 19.5 in. (each)

Vortex, 2022
Electric wires and metal
274 x 152 cm | 108 x 60 in.

The Water Book, 2022
Gouache and water-soluble pencil on arches paper accordion
23 x 117  x 28 cm | 9 x 46  x 11 in.

Anatomy of Distance
digital prints on Hahnemuhle photo rag archival paper with electric wire
114 x 79 cm | 45 x 31 in.

Pattern Recognition, 2023
Digital prints on Hahnemuhle photo rag archival paper
140 x 86 cm | 45 x 31 in. (each)

Siamese Trees (Pine-iscus), 2018 – 19
Electric wires, metal, circuit boards, fittings
66 x 51 cm. l 26 x 20 

Lunuganga, Bentota, Sri Lanka